Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Openness - Or My Personal Musings

I have been working on this post for what seems like forever now.  I brainstormed.  I wrote a few rough drafts.  Mr. Ketchup even gave me some advice.

Today, I was going to tell you about the Blurb facebook photobook that I made.  However, Mr. Ketchup wanted me to write a more personal post, similar to the first few that I wrote.

This led to more brainstorming, more blank stares at the computer screen, and more re-writing.

It is much easier for me to write about a new recipe that I tried, how to make a photobook, or a new challenge that I joined online.  It is hard to be open, but I will attempt it.
  1. I cheated on my gluten-free diet last week and ate a piece of toast.  My body was not happy, and now I am fearful that this may have to be a full-time/forever type lifestyle. 
  2. I really want to move to a place with a yard so Mr. Ketchup and I can get a dog! 
  3. I LOVE love notes.
Ok, the last two are very easy to be open about.

I was extremely upset last week, as I had never dreamed that one piece of toast would affect me the way it did.  I thought I was doing this diet to help with my emotions.  I started it, and noticed that I felt better physically.  Surely a cheat after a month would be ok?  Turns out it wasn’t ok.  This means I have to find a primary care physician and get this checked out.  Sigh...

Number 2 is both good and bad news.  Bad news: We found out that our rent will be going up at the end of our contract.  Good news: I spoke to a friend who told me that her and her husband rent a duplex with a fenced-in yard for just a few dollars more than what our new rent will be.  As much as I love our apartment and being so close to our friends, I have been dropping hints to Mr. Ketchup about how we should consider moving to a place with a yard when our contract is up.  I really hope that we can have a little Ketchup puppy running around this time next year!  (To Mr. know you want a puppy...we can call her Cricket!)

The best thing about the past few weeks happened today.  When we came home after our wedding, Mr. Ketchup gave me a pearl necklace and a notebook.  I always tell him that I want him to write me more love notes, so the notebook was filled with letters and stories he wrote everyday for about a month.  The last note was written at midnight, the night before we got married.  I keep the notebook next to my side of the bed and check it regularly for new notes.  Well, Mr. Ketchup went on a business trip Monday and Tuesday.  I did not find out until today that he wrote me a note Monday morning before he left!  I get so happy every time I think about it!

In a previous post I talked about asking your husband what things you do that make him feel loved.  Well, Mr. Ketchup definitely does not have to ask what makes me feel loves, because he knows that writing me love notes is definitely at the top of my list!  Now I have to think of something nice to do for him this week!  What nice things can you do for your spouse or loved ones this week?

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