Sunday, September 30, 2012

Results of an Emotional Weekend

I had a hard time this weekend, emotionally.  While taking a homework break this evening, I was looking through my list of quotes.  I have kept a list of quotes since I was in high school, and most of them come from books I have read or sermons I have heard.  The quote that stuck out to me today is from C.S. Lewis' autobiography, Surprised by Joy.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Catching Up with Mrs. Ketchup

These are the events that describe my life over the last couple of weeks.

  1. My field placement started a month late (which means I am one month late on getting 330 hours for the  I woke up the morning of my first day, and, of course, was running late.  I had made some gluten-free breakfast cookies (recipe here) earlier in the week and frozen them.  Those cookies are absolutely perfect for rushed mornings.  I threw three of them in the microwave, set it for 30 seconds, and left to dry my hair.  When I came back, my living room and kitchen were filled with smoke.  **Reminder...I need to see if our smoke detectors are broken.**  The culprit?  My cookies were on fire!  I had 5 minutes left before I needed to walk out the door, but there were flames in my microwave!  Hitting the flaming cookies with a Tupperware lid failed to extinguish them.  Before you start making fun of me, you shouldn't question my lack of thinking skills; this was an intense moment, ya'll!  Thankfully, common sense kicked in and I poured a little bit of water on the now black cookies.  I threw open the front door and living room windows, doused myself in perfume, packed my bags, closed the windows, and headed out.  Yes...I still arrived to my placement 10 minutes early, and yes...I smelled like smoke.
  2. Almost got lost trying to find a home where I was observing my supervisor.  (Sorry that I didn't tell you, Mr. Ketchup.  I didn't want you to worry).  I think it's time to go buy a state map, because Google maps doesn't work very well when you are out in the boonies.
  3. I was sick ALL of last week.  Mr. Ketchup woke up feeling sick this morning.  Of course, he is now yelling at the video game on his TV screen, so he probably isn't too bad.  Sorry, I just had to out you.
  4. While at a home today, the father asked me, "Are you old enough to be doing this?"  I guess I need to start doing my hair and makeup differently.  Any advice in making myself look older?  Would drawing on wrinkles be too much?