Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Beginning...

I have been married for 2 months and 5 days.  :)

During this time I have attempted to start this blog (50 million times), taken three graduate level summer courses, failed at starting new housekeeping habits, and have slacked off on my quiet time.  :(

BUT...today is a new day.  Today I will start incorporating little habits into my time.  Today I will set goals.  Today I will find people to hold me accountable.  Today I signed up for the HelloMornings Challenge from Inspired to Action.

This challenge begins August 20th and lasts until November 16th.  Each day, before/after you complete your morning routine (Don't know what that is?  Check out the Maximize Your Mornings e-book), you check in with your accountability group via Facebook or Twitter.

Prayer/Bible study.  Exercise.  Plan the day.

My goals:
  1. Have a daily time of prayer
  2. Read the Bible in a year
  3. Be able to run around the block (I am completely out of shape)
  4. Have an organized home/life
What about you?  What are you doing today to change your life?

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